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Let me tell you a little bit about Give Me An Offer and myself. My name is Earnest (Earnie) Boyd and I live in Columbus Ohio, USA.  I grew up in West Virginia as the son of a preacher man and the kindest mother you would ever know.  I have worked for more than 30 years in the IT business world and I retired from that work in November 2017.  I am now looking to using the internet to help you with finding great offers.  This is the reason for https://give-me-an-offer.com.

I am the owner of other sites besides Give Me An Offer so you may run into me again.  Those sites might also focus on offers or their focus might be on something other than offers.  I have spread myself thin on developing many sites; the first no-no of trying to blog.  However, if I’m successful I will be sharing that in some posts, maybe even on YouTube.

I’m just getting started in the blogging platform and coming up with enough words for a perfect blog is more difficult for me than I imagined it could be.  The formula is to provide a minimum of 300 words and that is a good number.  At this point in this About page the count of words is about 196 so you can see that blogging might be difficult if you don’t plan the pages as I tend to do.

My next step for Give Me An Offer is to delve into the howto type articles to find more content to give you.  I will also be sharing more offers I find with you in blog posts.  The blog post offers will contain information of the product as well as what I’ve found and where to find different offers for that product.  You may also contact me with a request to search for some item.  I can only promise to try to find information about that item but I cannot promise any results.

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Earnie, CEO
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