Earnie Boyd

Stylish Looking for Back to School 2018

Looking Stylish

Every girl wants to look stylish when going to school.  Accessories are always a must and this includes that backpack to carry the school books and materials.  This is an excellent deal giving your girl a heads up in the style department. Looking stylish for the Back To School 2018 experience is a must for every […]

Back To School Bundle 2018

Back To School Bundle

We all know that back to school is an event that can be something to look forward to or something to dread.  Here is an offer that can make the event a little bit easier.  Crayola, a long standing company marketing to children and parents, has a K-8 Bundle for the Back To School 2018 experience […]

It’s All About That Content

Readers, it’s all about that content.  How do you get content?  I’m new to this blogging stuff and creating content is a bit of a challenge for me but I’m actually doing it.  After all you are reading this lovely post! 😮 What kind of content do you want me to put here?  It must […]